Brenni Larson is a Feng Shui, Mindset and Business coach.  She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs with virtual training
and live events teaching the tools needed for online success. 

Brenni was the first person on the planet to host a Feng Shui
Telesummit, and was quickly coined the "Feng Shui Messenger"
known for getting the messager of Feng Shui to the World.  

Brenni added business summits as she studied and invested in

coaches to grow her business.  Brenni is a Help-Preneur hosting summits for free training and deeply discounted special offers from the speakers to assist the listeners to advance their small and online businesses.

Brenni Larson

Telesummits Hosted


Experts Interviewed


Years BTB Feng Shui Certified


In this 3 months coaching, you meet weekly with Brenni to create a strategy and attain your goals

Mindset & Business Coaching

Think & Grow Rich Book Club 

We will watch the movie "Think & Grow Rich" movie and cover 1 chapter per week to reset your mindset for manifestation.  

Holistic Wisdom Membership 

We meet live weekly for 2 hours, apply Feng Shui & Holistic Tools for health and balance.  This is a small group of active members desiring personal attention.  We are covering Elemental Types, the season and each members Ming Gua and Organ Network.

Bagua Your Business

 Bagua Your Business his sets goals for each area of your business, and uses the tools of Feng Shui for intention and manifestation.  Receive 1 module every 2 days for 18 days.  Self Study with option to upgrade to live help from Brenni

How to Measure Your Floorplan & Case Study 

Brenni walks you through how to measure your floorplan, and correct missing pieces.  This free training also compares 2 families living in the same environment, but one set up applying the tools of Feng Shui and one that doesn't and the impact on their lives and health.

List Cleaning 

Clean your email list, so your emails get delivered and you are not paying for bad emails.